LIFE-FROSTDEFEND meeting with stakeholders in Aeghion, Greece

The LIFE-FROSTDEFEND team conducted the first meeting with stakeholders (farmers and citrus producers) from the area of Aigialeia on January 28th, 2022, at the AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVES’ UNION – AEGHION S.A. premises in Aeghion, Greece. The LIFE-FROSTDEFEND team presented an overview of the key-mechanisms of frost damage on crops, introduced the LIFE-FROSTDEFNED project to the stakeholders and pointed out the significance and the expected results of the project. The meeting ended up with an open discussion between the participants and the LIFE-FROSTDEFEND team about the proper cultivation practices in order to reduce frost damage of trees, the current mitigation measures available, and the benefits that the LIFE-FROSTDEFEND tool may bring to the end-users.