Stakeholders involved

Hellenic Agricultural Association Demeter, HAO Demeter

The main objective of HAO-Demeter is to develop and support actions aimed at modernizing and developing the country’s agricultural sector, improving production processes, enhancing competitiveness, certifying quality agricultural products and food, establishing and certification of good agricultural practices and controls in the milk and meat production chain in the country.

Association of Imathia's Agricultural Cooperatives, ASIAC

ASIAC have expressed their interest in extending the application of the FROSTDEFEND system in the Imathia Prefecture, Region of Central Macedonia, Greece. They have agreed to participate to the project steering committee to exchange knowledge and experience and dissemination activities.

ANYFION Greece, Argolida

ANYFION is an organic agricultural center that provides reliable source of information and guidance on organic farming. ANYFION is in close and sincere cooperation with an increasing number of producers and have agreed to actively support the LIFE-FROSTDEFEND project by participating in the project steering committee and the dissemination and demonstration activities as well as, by promoting the LIFE-FROSTDEFEND project through their website and communication channels.

SPARTA VALLEY Fruits, Laconia

The company specializes in exporting citrus (oranges, clementines, lemons, grapefruits). The company has agreed to actively support project implementation through participation in the dissemination activities that will take place in the area, be member of the steering committee to exchange knowledge, promote the project through the company’s website and communication channels, participate in workshop and meetings.

Le Comité Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne (CIVC), France

CIVC is an organization grouping the actors of the Champagne production and trade – growers, cooperatives and merchants – under the direction of the government. CIVC has already express interest to actively support project implementation by participating in the dissemination actions and meetings of the project since frost damage is a significant hazard for vineyards.

Le Comité Stratégique Fruits Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (CSF), France

CSF is an organization regrouping the actors in the field, from production to march. CSF has express intention to actively support project implementation by participating in the dissemination actions and meetings of the project exchanging knowledge and experience.

Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy (MEE)

MEE is the competent authority for climate adaptation at the national level in Greece and has already stated support to the partnership and interest for the proposal results recognizing that the project will promote adaptation to climate change and increase awareness of target groups, which is in line with the National Adaptation Strategy.