Expected Results

The project will produce the following types of results and impacts:

1. Databases of frost-event indicators and agronomic data
2. Scientific publications concerning the role of epiphytic bacteria in ice nucleation events and agricultural resilience to climate change

FROSTDEFEND tool: A smart monitoring, forecasting and warning system using MSENSIS software and hardware systems and integrating the developed frost forecasting algorithm.

1. FROSTDEFEND adaptation and action plan
2. Awareness raising
3. Creation of a stakeholder network
4. Life cycle analysis of the FROSTDEFEND system and adaptation plan to assess environmental impact
5. Socioeconomic analysis on the FROSTDEFEND analysis
6. Business plan and market analysis for penetrating the FROSTDEFEND tool/service into the market of smart farming
7. New competitive service (i.e. hardware and software of the monitoring and forecasting tool) into the market
8. Development of local adaptation strategies for climate change in agriculture
9. Adoption of smart technologies in agriculture
10. Improved networking between farmers, cooperatives, academics, authorities and other interested parties