The progress of the project will be monitored by the following deliverables

Α1.1Report on stakeholders meetings
A1.2Report on questionnaire results
A2.1Partnership Agreement
A2.2Repost on technical requirements
C1.1Database of atmospheric parameters
C1.2Database of agronomic parameters
C1.3Report on the efficiency of spraying scheme
C1.4Technical guidance for sample collection
C1.5Report on plant phenology and frost vulnerability
C3.1Report on the training workshop (Aeghion) incl. training material
C3.2Technical report on the FROSTDEFEND system implementation (Aeghion)
C4.1Technical report on the LIFE-FROSTDEFEND tool implementation in France (Clermont-Ferrand)
C4.2Technical report of the LFE FROSTDEFEND tool implementation in Greece (Argolida, Laconia)
C5.1LIFE-FROSTDEFEND adaptation plan
C5.2Report on Life Cycle Analysis
D1.11st Report on the assessment of project’s effectiveness
D1.22nd Report on the assessment of project’s effectiveness
D1.33rd Report on the assessment of project’s effectiveness
D2.1Report on the socio-economic impact of the project
E1.2Notice boards
E1.4Layman’s report
E2.1Scientific publications
E2.2Report on Info-Day events
E2.3Proceedings of the International Conference
F1.1Management and Contingency Plan
F1.2Meenint of all PMT meetings
F1.3Green Procurement Practices
F2.1Mid-term report
F2.21st progress report
F2.3 2nd progress report
F2.4Final report
F2.5Internal Monitoring Protocol
F3.1After-Life Plan
F3.2Business Plan